Will you pursue me?

Will you come to find me, if I am lost,

Will you understand me, if I accost;

There will be days I will not be the one whom you loved,

But in those days of difference,

In those nights of sufferance,

Will you be able to forget it as Ignorance.

I am fire and you are my air, 

Will you be able to behold all my flair;

I have wings to swing the world,

Will you be able to fly with me through the hurled,

And Find me always even if I am lost,

Coz I will be there inside you, forever embossed.

I shall shadow through your rest, and with time will recuperate 

But will you be able to find me, when i will close my eyes to reincarnate!!!


Darling, let’s go to a world,A world where we can walk and be together,

Where we can love each other without any obstacle,

Where the climate is free from quarrels, disputes and separation,

Where the mild light is given by your moon like beauty,

And where you will spread the colors of fragrance…. 

Where every beat of my heart will run for you,

Where every feel I have will be a touch of you

Where the soul of my life leads to you,

Where the skies reflect the pink shades of our love,

N oceans sing the love songs blue,

Where we will be for each other in every adversity, 

And u will be mine, and only mine,

Darling let’s go to world,

A world where we can stay besides together, forever….

Be with someone…

You all must have wondered how would be the one you would spend rest of the life with? With few it all depends on what their parents choose and few take charge of their hearts. Let me share my very old piece of blog which was burried in my journal before I got my perfect soulmate

I wanted to be with someone who listens to the songs I listen to when I am driving alone or falling asleep at night.

Someone who wants to know what my favorite books are and will take the time to read them because they want to see what intrigues my mind.

Someone who wants to know about my favorite childhood memory and your favorite hiding place as an adult.

Someone who wants to work out with me and eat a tub of Nutella and cheese on a Friday night with some movies on pyjamas

Someone who uses words like charming, stunning, delightful, lovely, graceful, lovely, dazzling, radiant, and dashing instead of cute, beautiful, and pretty

Someone who wants to read every term paper I have aced, every small things I have achieved, every journal entry you’ve posted on your blog.

Someone’s who celebrates my small achievements more than me to make me feel more confident about myself 

Someone who wants to understand my future and help me to build one while peacefully getting over my past

Someone who appreciates the way I am and never questions my actions 

Someone who knows what could be my possible intentions behind things I do and the way I do

Someone who will be the only one I will go for any help, suggestion or even to take a shoulder from 

Someone who will cling me to himself and give me a magical feeling 

Someone who would not just love me but love every emotion from me including my anger 

Someone who would take interest in my interest to make me feel more special and boost confidence about myself 

Someone who will, instead of criticizing, will let me see the actual picture if I am unable to see anytime

Someone who will never hurt my heart as He himself lives there

Someone who will do anything it takes to protect the respect and dignity I carry for myself 

Someone who will genuinely take my problems and tears and will not just ignore them

Someone will not sleep when I am disturbed or in a problem finding a solution. 

Someone who will sometimes give me food, tea or a coffee like my mother when I am enagaged and engrossed with work and I will do the same

Someone for whom I can take the world upside down to see his happiness 

Someone who will help me in all the new and miserable things I struggle to do

Someone who will always make me happy with his small, funny actions instead of giving me big expensive gifts 

Someone who will give me a reason to live in days of darkness and will make my life colorful 

If you know someone like this, do not leave him or her as you cannot make every stone a diamond! 

Find your true love.

Fierce Soul

I felt divine love,
I experience bitter fights,
I felt her smile at days,
And I saw her sobbing at nights.


I saw her broken, I saw her miserable,
I saw her struggling through her wants,
I saw her fighting and climbable,
I saw her conquering her flaunts
Still, I can proudly say that
She was a Queen of Wands


I was the princess to her, I was her life.
She was my mother but someone’s wife.


She had to choose her responsibility,
I had to choose my ability.
She loved me to the zeniths of this universe 
And so her motherhood increased 
She helped to get the love of my life
But I could not help her to carve the best of her biography 
This poem is dedicated to my mother who helped to achieve my dreams and my dream partner through every struggle personally and socially. She gave me all I wanted but it is rightly said that “you can never return what your parents do” and here I am trying to make her life better and best. 
Express your emotions truly in front of your loved ones, that is their biggest strength!

Law of Giving & Receiving: One Peace Principle

This is a very old law, which most of us know but are unable to practice this in our life. In almost all literature of Self-help you will find this or similar law to know thyself better. Consider money as a life energy, which flows in a defined pattern of giving and receiving. You give money to a person and they receive. this simple law applies to every minute action of ours. Start giving selflessly from heart to keep the energy flowing through us, and that is what the nature of energy is. If we disrupt the flow, we disrupt the flow of our life and stop good things coming in addition to difference coming in our lives. To practice this:

  • Gift care, attention, appreciation, Love to receive the same, but with no expectations of being received. Even if sometimes you feel that it is not coming to you, keep the flow on, because this is a law and lately things will definitely come back to you.
  • To receive what you want, Give what you want to have selflessly.

Sometimes, the question comes, “How do I give if I dont have?”. You have to think, because everyone of us is blessed with something. If you are going to a birthday party and dont have money to buy gift, give them your blessings described on a piece of paper. Take your love, care and blessings and trust me people can see how much love-full you are when you take them with yourself. Nature supports everything we need and desire. When we start seeking the wishful things by ourselves first then others will come to us spontaneously. Everything we ask or desire comes from a deep awareness of our wants, needs from the universe.

Gracefully receive and have a gratitude. Being selfless is a virtue. I have seen many people around me who complain that “why should I do if he or she is not interested?”. My question to those people is, “Do you act according to someone else response?, Do you stop being good if someone is bad?, Do you stop being yourself if someone is different from you?” Answer can be sometimes yes, sometimes no, but the essence is we should try to give even if someone else is not giving. Being a giver is a beautiful feeling, but only when given selflessly. We feel light and awakened when we give all we have. Never doubt on your relations, situations, everything in your life comes with a purpose and a role and it will be your Heroism to handle them with your way instead of enacting other people.

Universe wants to send you all gifts you deserve, you must feel gratitude in advance to see them and touch them

Make you life beautiful and abundant!




Powerful Spiritual laws to connect you to world- Ultimate Success

Hello again!

I am back but this time not on relationships but on spirituality. These days I am more connected to myself and reading stuff to connect myself so that I don’t loose my identity amongst the hassle of life and chasing the impossible. I believe, it is truly important to understand yourself first and get completely awareness about ourself to achieve true success. In this fast social media world, people are getting influenced from the lives of their inner circle very swiftly, in addition, their chase for becoming better is just pulling them away from theirselves. One fine day, I was just trying to find a great book on self-help and that is where I happen to read this book from Deepak Chopra on “Seven Spiritual Laws of Success”, which most of you might have heard about or even read it. But being a keen reader, writer and firm believer in sharing I would like to share my takeaways from the book, which might be different from yours or even similar to make a belief that there’s someone like you:)

To begin with, instead of understanding these laws as spiritual laws, let’s understand these laws simply as life laws for us to become a better fit for making a better us.

I would like to quote some pearls of wisdom from Swami Vivekanada-

Secret of knowledge is to take what is essential and live upto it.

 Words and ideas can heal the mind and nurture the soul. Words are alive with energy, they have power to uplift, to enliven, to transform. 

Life is a force, we direct the force flowing. Every moment is an opportunity to direct our attention to ideas that inspire us.”

Success is a continuous expansion of Joy, Happiness with a progressive realization of worthy goals. Aspect of Success can be different from one to other individual, but for me Success is not a state of living luxurious, it is not a Destination but “A JOURNEY”. All material wealth achieved will only make the journey more enjoyable. Success is an ability to fulfill our desires, wants with effortless ease. Therefore, success is more dependent on knowing who we really are. When our internal reference point is our spirit, we will experience all the true power of our Self. If the reference point is our self-image or ego, we will feel cut-off from our source, which will lead to uncertainty of events in our lives leading to fear and self-doubt. Therefore, this 7 laws will help you connect to yourself to know your Journey and connect to self more for achieving abundance. Practice this, as I have been doing and your life will truly become much peaceful and will flow like river. Once, you master these laws, you will be able to create things around you in synchronization with your soul and nothing will bother or disturb you. These 7 laws are-

  1. Law of Pure Potentiality
  2. Law of Giving and Receiving
  3. Law of Karma or Cause and Effect.
  4. Law of least effort
  5. Law of Intention and desire.
  6. Law of detachment
  7. Law of Dharma or Purpose in life.

Now, as the name suggests each law is quite self explanatory through the title. Lets understand these laws briefly.

Law of Pure Potentiality: It is about being in complete consciousness and being yourself. It is an understanding that we whatever we do around us creates a ripple effect which comes back to us potentially with many folds. If I pass anger around me, it will pass through many people and ultimately come back to me. Every single emotion we provide to people around us, will create an amplified effect which will affect lives around you. So always think before passing on to the energy to people around you. Remember, that if we throw a big pebble in a muddy water, it is going to make us dirty and nobody wants to be dirty, right? We all appreciate cleanliness around us, then why don’t we start practicing it through ourselves and try to clean our thoughts?!!. Lets realize where our true potential lies and diverge all energy to a confluence of success. For practicing this law, we can do the following:

  • Observe nature around us and try to feel everything around
  • Practice Non-Judgement, never judge anyone from looks, words, try to accept the person and things around instead of judging it.
  • Talk to yourself for at least 15 mins a day

Law of Giving & Receiving: Start giving selflessly from heart to keep the energy flowing through us, and that is what the nature of energy is. If we disrupt the flow, we disrupt the flow of our life and stop good things coming in addition to difference coming in our lives. To practice this:

  • Gift care, attention, appreciation, Love to receive the same, but with no expectations of being received. Even if sometimes you feel that it is not coming to you, keep the flow on, because this is a law and lately things will definitely come back to you.
  • To receive what you want, Give what you want to have selflessly.

Nature supports everything we need and desire. When we start seeking the wishful things by ourselves first then others will come to us spontaneously. Everything we ask or desire comes from a deep awareness of our wants, needs from the universe.Gracefully receive and have a gratitude

Law of Karma or Cause and Effect: We all need to believe and understand that whatever is happening with us right now is only a product of our own actions or words, even sometimes intentions. We generally claim others or try to find faults in others to defend our own hidden actions, but we need to realize that doing that will only hamper the process of connecting with ourselves. Even if we face an adversity or failure, when we sit to analyze the situation, we should only focus on our deeds. A  very small example of this is a bumpy relation between husband and wife, where a husband claims that his actions were only because of his wives behavior, but let me tell you Karma is a very tricky and reversible deed. When we practice self-awareness and the law of true potentiality we will get familiar with our actions and imbibe this belief that whatever we are today, good or bad, wherever we are today, a Business owner or an executive at fortune 500 company, it is all because of our own deeds, belief, action, summing up to our KARMA!

Law of Least Effort: In Vedic Science, the age-old philosophy of India, this principle is known as the principle of economy of effort, or “do less and accomplish more.”. This is a principle of least action, of no resistance. This is, therefore, the principle of harmony and love. If we observe nature, we see things happening around us, Grass does not “try” to grow or makes any efforts to grow, it just grows. When we bring ease to our life, our efforts start giving desired results without even giving us realization of the magnitude of efforts. So, just keep doing, never “try” to do.

Law of Intention and Desire: This law states that our intentions are directly proportional to our desires. If our intentions are good, desires will be good and with good desire and clear intent we can achieve what we dream off. Our intentions before we start doing something play a very crucial role in bringing results. When we do things with the right intent and selfless desire, we at least remain one with ourselves

Law of Detachment: This is a very easy but difficult to practice. As human, we have a tendency to get attached to things, people, situations, achievements or even failures. When we face any situation we keep on living in it for a very long time. If we face any failure,. we try to apprehend failure instead of looking forward to success. When we are in a wedding function, the altitude of happiness stays with us for a long period of time. The key to live a balanced life is to get things done and then detach ourselves so that we can easily move forward. The more we are attached to anything or any person, the difficult we are making ourselves to attach with new opportunities and new people.  If you are attached to a rod and keep on mourning on the situation, you will not be able to move. Similar is with our thoughts and situations, the more we try to hold them to or attach with, the difficult it will be to grab newness for life. Detachment is a key to cut negativity from your life. I have been practicing it since long & trust me it was very hard to do initially, but the only thing we need to memorize within is “Everything is temporary, so just let it go”.

Law of Dharma or Purpose in Life: We all need a purpose to do anything in our life. From a small action of waking up in the morning to achieving success in all our dreams, we do only because we are clear with the purpose of doing it. Why not to implement this simplicity in our lives and find a real purpose of our existence. Indian society has always believed in “Dharma” which is  a defined action as per a persons status. When we find our biggest strengths and try to focus on them, instead of improving our weakness, somewhere, we will realize our Purpose and that will make our life meaningful.

Practice these laws with me and I am sure you will attain serenity in your life.

Good luck!

Love always



To read the complete book, download from here:


Emotional Avalanche 

My this blog is exclusively for people who are either married or in a serious relationship to take it forward. I will be biased this time!;)

Many of us are struggling through the roller coaster ride of emotions and are trying to understand each other better through those fights, those unclarified situations, those unfulfilled expectations. Many of us are very much wise, even give relationship advice to others, but we face difficulties in our relationship only! I include myself in that chunk of crowd. But the difference here I wanted to create is to share how I overcome the problem of cat-mouse fights between me and my husband. We use to fight every alternate day, and use to understand more the reasons behind it, but we never knew that the approach will never work like that. Later I realized that I need to have a different approach and that is where the simplest solutions strikes my mind, of course love between us strengthen me to follow the solutions. 

Let’s understand it better. We fight mostly with our partners because of unfulfilled emotional, financial or even physical expectations. The female counterpart is expressive but not clear with putting her expectations right on to the plate to be served by her husband. Similarly, husband counterparts feel that wives nag behind them emotionally all the time on small small things and are never peaceful inside. Other reasons of this are communications, many a times we speak something different, have something different in our hearts and do something completely odd one out. I would like to suggest to all the ladies to talk straight to the heart. If you have any expectations from your husband just puke it out, do not expect a male to invest time and energy in understanding your emotions through your actions. Until and unless you don’t speak, things will always be unresolved and that will only build up a lava inside which will burst out during major fights and then things will only worsen. To the ladies, speak the right thing at the right time. Do not try to understand a man, just keep supporting him only each and every page of life (of course in synchronization of your own goals for life). Give him the freedom to think and decide everything by his own. He too had a life before you came and it was perfect in his sense, instead of you trying to modify and manipulate his life, just try to accommodate first and then improvise together. I am sure you would have straightly termed this thing as “male dominance” if it were to come out of your man. 

We create much drama inadvertently in our life which is not required and that absorbs lot of positive energy, time and balanced state of mind which we could have utilized for some productive work. The “Drama” is we try to understand situations, reasons behind the action of our partner, analyzing the change in him/her before and after, comparing them with the partners of others, but while doing all this in addition to handling the responsibilities of a family we forget to just love each other madly. Remember the time when you got infatuated for the first time with your partner, we were very much engrossed in love right? We never analyzed them, we just accepted them the way they are when we were completely imbibed with Love. Why do we forget the same intensities with time? We should not, right?!

To overcome all this, there is a very simple principle we all need to follow. Always remember that Love is a very powerful emotion which should not be churned with other things (aforesaid). When you love someone just love them, you will be happier and lighter when you only love your partner. Everything else is temporary but Love is eternal. We need to follow the process of detachment for feeling the bliss of love. The moment we face any unfavorable situation, we should instantly remind ourselves of the love we have for the person and detach ourselves from the situation so that we can maintain the peace within. This will help you to bounce back to the originality of your relation in any condition. 

Connect with yourself and love yourself within and see then nothing will bother you. You will always stay peaceful and calm. 

Get set on a journey to know yourself!

Good luck! Love to all

દરેક વ્યક્તિ આપણે ઈચ્છીએ ત્યારે પોતાના બધા જ કામ મુકીને કનેક્ટ થવા બંધાયેલી નથી, ફરજીયાત કનેક્ટ થવાનું કે કનેક્ટેડ રહેવાનું એક જબરદસ્ત દબાણ હોય છે!

Absolutely agree to every word. I loved this post!

Dr.Hansal Bhachech's Blog

spread a thought Tari ane mari vaat

‘સર, વાત કરી લો’ કન્સલ્ટેશન દરમ્યાન વાગતા મોબાઈલને હું સાયલન્ટ કરતો હતો ત્યાં મારા ક્લાયન્ટે મને કહ્યું. મેં મોબાઈલની રીંગને અવગણીને વાત ચાલુ રાખવાનો પ્રયત્ન કર્યો. પરંતુ, હંમેશા બનતું હોય છે એમ ઉપરાઉપરી એકીશ્વાશે સામેથી રીંગ ઉપર રીંગ ઠોકવાની ચાલુ જ રહી. આપણે ત્યાં એક મોટો વર્ગ એવો છે કે જેને આવા સમયે સંભળાતો રેકોર્ડેડ અવાજ, જે તમને થોડા સમય બાદ ફોન કરવાનું કહે છે તે, સમજાતો નથી અને એ ઉપરાઉપરી રીંગ માર્યે જાય છે. કદાચ આવી વ્યક્તિઓને ડોક્ટર અને ટેલીફોન ઓપરેટર વચ્ચે ભેદ હોય તેવી સામાન્ય સમજ નહીં હોય એટલે તરત જ ફોન ઉપડે તેવી અપેક્ષાઓ રાખતા હશે ! એમની ઉપરાઉપરી રીંગથી કંટાળીને તમે તમારું કામ પડતું મુકીને મોબાઈલ ઉપાડો તો ‘ક્યારનો ફોન કરું છું’ એમ કહીને કેટલાક તો પોતાની પાસે આવી સામાન્ય અક્કલ નથી એનો પરિચય પણ આપે. એનાથી પણ વધુ મૂર્ખાઈભરી હરકત તો એ હોય છે કે ડોક્ટર સાવ નવરા, એના જ મોબાઈલની રાહ જોઇને જ બેઠા…

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Know thyself: power of a wish

Time flies and a year has went with still many unfulfilled wishes, expectations, awaiting results. Someone is waiting to have a healthy active lifestyle since a year, someone is expecting a promotion since a year (carrying forward to another one), someone is still worrying about when their son or daughter will get married and someon e is still waiting to continually get food twice a day. From ground level struggle to sky touching dreams, there is something which is missing always at the end of the new year which bring new seeds of hope and determination to welcome the coming year. 

One year big time, right? I see people around me asking plans for tonight, to party hard and welcome the new year with “so called” friends because their true friends are either not in town or won’t be able to make it to the party! Do we actually need a duration to celebrate happiness, achievements, talk about success and failure and analyze things done throughout the year? Don’t you think we have become a slave of time that we need a reason like new year to feel excited? Don’t you think we have become robots who are programmed at such occasions do feel excited and then go back to live the same life? If we measure and analyze everyday of ours and consciously concentrate on our day to day activities we certainly will not get excited only at the end of the year but everyday will excite us, everyday will bring a hope and strong determination to fulfill our goals. We do that also actually, every night we sleep with an unconscious hope that we will wake up tomorrow and complete the  incompletes. Why do you need to go to a party just because some breed of humans is going mad after new year party? Why cannot we actually think and know ourselves if we really would like to go? If yes, then definately you should go and there’s nothing wrong but I don’t know why in the process of “monkey see monkey do” we are growing apart from our souls and ourselves. You might be thinking that I am bombarding with many questions! But those questions are deliberate which you should ask yourself and get an answer from self. 

This blog is to let you know that a new year should bring yourself more to your soul but somehow with the increasing mechanics and dynamics of life we are just following others. Social media has impacted the lives of so many people to a level that people have started believing life as a journey of traveling different cities (better then your friends here), clicking every moment instead of absorbing every moment and “having fun” in whatever you click instead of what you do. We are becoming more mechanical, true copycats of each other and are forgetting us in this mechanical era. 

I would rather suggest to take a strol alone for atleast 15 mins to feel the depth of things and incidents happened through the day and make every day better by identifying the goodness in us. I want each of us to connect more to your self and inner soul and hear the voice amidst the noise in this mechanics. Try to have a quick glance of the day before you go for a sleep. You can also maintain an online journal by yourself and can write those unspoken words, undone deeds which you could not have done through the day. Over the course of time when you actually happen to see it you will feel delighted and more wise within. Wishes are just deeds which are left incomplete, they can only be fulfilled by knowing your self, else then money can only bring all your wishes true, which is not true! Until and unless you don’t have the emotion, the value to feel your wish, the strength of the wish and intensity of them getting fulfilled, those are just attractions and not actual wishes. By knowing what you wish for, you will know your actual likes, you will know yourself better and will come closer to yourself to realize how beautiful you are and how you can spread your inner wisdom to help other people around.

Stay awake to yourself, Know yourself and the world will know you. Only those who have followed their hearts, have won maximum hearts of this world! 



Ability, Capability & Capacity: Men Vs Women

I was having a conversation with few dearly people of mine when I heard statements like this, (just a part of conversation)

“Women are ‘capable’ of doing multiple things at any given time, that is the reason they successfully take care of homes and work”

“Men work differently, for them money and bringing food to the table are most important things, they feel stressed when their business or job are not going well and might not express that”

“Women are multi-talented, they are a complete package”

“Women have better ‘capacities’ of bearing pain and trauma because they express and men get affected easily”

Like these and many, I have been observing how we, the educated class, differentiate  between the Abilities, Capabilities & Capacities of both gender. On one side of the world, people are talking about gender equality, women empowerment and the other side of the world, believes in gender equality but talks about the differences of abilities of both gender. Have you ever given a thought that can we change this? How and when?

Okay, if you think, I am a feminist, then yes to some extent, but you are mistaken if you judge this write up as a complete feminist one, I am writing this to differentiate different aspects when we talk about three things in males and females, i.e Ability, Capacity, Capability. Hope this helps! To begin with, we all accept the fact that “Men & Women are different, from two different planets”, but…. A BIG BUT! Why are we even accepting? did we accepted that we are only made for jobs/business? Did we accepted that we cannot go to mars? Did we accepted that Men cannot dance? Did we accepted that we cannot become millionaires? —NO, RIGHT!— Then, why did we accepted that both Men and Women are from different planets and there will always be a gap, if we can do the impossible, why we cannot bridge this gap too? Lets do it now!

Understand the difference first between these three words:

Ability: It is something we all can do, and do it. Eg. He is able to walk on legs, which he does! Things which we are able to do and we do it, fall under our abilities. Women are ‘able’ to cook, Men are ‘able’ to drive, Women are ‘able’ to express, Men are ‘able’ to do anything publicly. So we all know what we are able to do and if you try to think a little deeper, all of us are “able” of doing everything. Women and Men both can become great Chefs, Both can become great dancers, singers, home decorators, designers, IT Specialists, Mathematicians, Astronauts, Trekkers, and the list goes on. We all have famous examples of everything in front of us, I would not quote those big names to prevent the common genre we all do. Hence, both Men & Women are “able” to do anything and everything, because the level of determination, focus and dedication is equally given by nature, the difference creates when some of us nurture them and make it stronger and rest of us keep it dormant and don’t use it but just appreciate the ones who show that. hence, we accept lately that some of us are more focussed and some are more dedicated!

Capability: Adding the word “Cap” in the “Ability” changes the meaning a lot. When we know what we are ‘able’ to but cannot do. We are capable of being Millionaires, but everyone does not become one. This boy is capable of reaching the top, but cannot do. Men are capable of expressing, but do not do. Take example of Dancers, Male Dancers are more graceful and expressive than females sometimes. So, if those Men can do why not others? This shows that Men are capable of expressing but they ‘choose’ not to! Men are capable of handling two different homes,  but they choose not to. Therefore, Men and Women are equally ‘capable’ of doing things, its just some of them do and some choose not to in the disguise of natural differences of Men & Women.

Capacity: It is the ability to go beyond the displayed action which we all can always increase. Humans are like flexible vessels which increase their capacities when they face some inadvertent situations. Women have the capacity of bearing more pain, emotionally and physically, Why Men cannot? Except the child bearing pain, which women are gifted with and I think that is the only differentiating factor, Men can also bear and express the same level of pain as women.

Summing Ability, Capability & Capacity, which include all kinds of action, women & men are able, capable & have the capacity of doing everything they want to and they determine for. Then what’s the point restricting men and women to do some things and not explore other things! In fact, exploring different aspects of each other will increase the intellect of both the genders and help move mankind to a different direction. I am against women empowerment, instead we all should do more of “Empowerment” for both males and females. The way women need empowerment, the same way Men need to help them explore the unexplored. I do not get the concept of empowering any one gender but to empower each other and help raise everyone to reach their best ‘capacities’.

“We all have hidden powers and abilities, it is just a matter of shredding our ego and explore the unexplored”

Empower the people around you, NOT JUST WOMEN!

Spread the magic within yourself and raise yourself.


Love & Empowerment to all,